Google Chrome is deleting its “Secure” URL label this year

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May 18, 2018
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The Chrome browser is going to kill its ‘Secure’ URL label in September will focus on highlighting its negative security indicators.

Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter has announced that Chrome 69 which will be available commercially in September will stop highlighting HTTPS sites as “Secure” on the address bar. This is just because Google wants the default state o to be secure. Earlier this year, the tech giant Google revealed that all HTTP-only sites will be marked “Not Secure” in July 2018. It also looks like Google team will take this thing a step forward in October. With the start of the October, the usually gray “Not Secure” warning will flash red as soon as you start typing in data on HTTP pages.

This is not the first time that Google has been making such changes to Chrome to highlight the insecure websites. Back in 2016, Chrome highlighted non-HTTPS sites display a “neutral” info symbol. Chrome developers said that Chrome will provide clearer warnings for insecure retail sites in an effort to force websites to migrate to the more secure HTTPS protocol.

The upcoming feature that aims to ensure you know you’re typing data on an HTTP site is even an evolved version of one of the warnings Chrome released last year when Chrome warned you while typing on some non-secure sites. It remains to be seen if removing the positive “Secure” label altogether will affect people’s online habits. You’ll just have to get used to looking at the address bar and making sure it doesn’t have Chrome’s negative indicators. The good thing is half of the site is now encrypted.

You can expect to see Chrome issue the friendly reminder for more types of situations in future releases.

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