Google Cloud assures it won’t use customer data

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According to the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation standards, a customer’s data must be protected to a good degree while being flexible enough to allow for legitimate interests of businesses and the public. Therefore they go to great lengths to define exactly what the term personal data entails.

Corporations like Google, Microsoft hold massive amounts of customer data especially services like Google Cloud, SkyDrive, etc. With access to such data, they can train AI using personal data which is a serious privacy concern. This can give an edge to whoever the information is sold to or used by.

According to a VentureBeat, a 449-page report by the US government found that Google “tracks real-time data across markets which provide it with near-perfect market intelligence.”

In an interview, Google Cloud’s chief AI scientist, Andrew Moore emphasized that Google is committed to providing privacy to its users and assured they won’t look into customer’s data.

He said in the interview, “It’s been one of the listed causes of concern when you talk to your large corporations as to what would prevent them from starting to use AI in the cloud. It’s a mechanism which makes sure that it’s both contractually and technologically clear that we cannot be mixing this data with other people’s data, nor can we be using any of the machine learning models that we’ve created to sort of incorporate into other Google products or services.

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