Google Docs New Productivity Feature Allows You to Delegate Tasks Directly

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Google Docs

Google Docs in its latest update brought about a small yet useful feature that boosts productivity and will make working on Google a lot more easier and manageable. The feature allows users to assign tasks to themselves and others on their team on Google Docs.

Users will be able to assign tasks by manually creating checklists, these checklist items can be assigned to anyone they want. Once a checklist item is assigned to a particular person, it would go on to be displayed in their Google Tasks dashboard thus making it more accessible and manageable for them to complete the task on time.

But how is this any different from any other task assigning application? Well, with Google Docs offering the feature, users will be able to see all the edits that are made to the task, allowing them to view all the changes made and also giving them an idea of progress.

Google Docs

Want to try out the update, well you will have to wait a while since the update rollout has been gradual and might not be available on many domains up until 15 days after the release. However, if you have a personal Gmail account, then we have bad news for you since this feature will only be available for people using subscribed Google professional platforms such as Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic, and Business customers.

Administrators using the feature will have to keep Google Tasks open so that other users can view and edit the tasks they are assigned.

This update was another one of Google’s attempts to better its professional services. In the last few months, the tech giant has been on an updating spree, just recently Google introduced the signature tool for Google Docs, which allows users to add a signature and date on a Google Docs file.