Google eSIM Manager app now available on Play Store

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Google Pixel 2 is the first flagship device to come with eSIM. eSIM means Embedded SIM and if a phone supports eSIM then you don’t need a physical SIM card to be inserted into the phone. If your carrier supports it, you just have to download a virtual SIM during the setup. The process is easy and saves you from swapping SIM cards again and again.

But there is one issue, your carrier must support the eSIM facility for this feature to work. Currently, Google’s own Project Fi is the only carrier which supports eSIM on Google Pixel 2 but the support is expected to expand soon. Google Pixel also has a regular sim card slot for all other carriers but introducing the eSIM will encourage other mobile operators to add support for eSIMs.

Google released a dedicated app for Pixel 2 called eSIM Manager. The app lets you manage your eSIM with ease. The eSIM Manager also walks you through the details that why you do not need a physical SIM anymore to make calls, send texts and surfing the internet and how they only need to download an eSIM to access all these features.

The app also features a carrier page which shows that which carriers are currently available which support eSIM. You can also remove all carriers from your device by using the app. It also lists the device’s electronic identification number.

Here’s what the app description says.

eSIM Manager helps Android manage carrier profiles on an eSIM, allowing users to download and manage eSIM profiles through a user interface rather than dealing with removable SIM cards.”

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are currently the only phones supported by this app. Other manufacturers might soon add the support for eSIM in their devices and take advantage of the Google eSIM Manager.

You can download the eSIM Manager app from Google Play Store now.

Google Pixel 2 is the latest flagship device from Google. It comes with Android Oreo out of the box. The chipset included is Snapdragon 835 and it is the same chipset featured in most of the flagship devices of this year. It comes with one of the best cameras on the market with the highest score on DxOMark till date.

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