Google Instant Apps are finally available in Play Store

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Google Instant Apps

Google Instant Apps have finally arrived in Play Store. Now there is a new “Try It Now” button on a number of apps on Play Store. You can press the button and try the app without installing it.

What are Google Instant Apps?

It is a feature which lets you use an app from the Google Play Store without even installing it. For example, if you click on a Vimeo link on your smartphone, the link will be opened on Vimeo Google Instant app from the Play Store without the need of installing it and once you are done watching it the instant app will close.

Instant apps save a lot of your time and memory on your phone. Instant Apps are not enabled for all applications by default. Developers have to enable Instant Apps as a feature for their apps and then users will be able to use them. Instant Apps are also beneficial for developers. For example, Vimeo has seen an increased session duration by 130% with their instant app. And some shopping apps also saw a growth in customer conversion rate.

Instant apps were first introduced in Google I/O 2016. The feature was first available for a few apps in Google search results. Like if you type Vimeo in Google on your phone, the search results will show you a link to the instant app of Vimeo. But now the feature is available in Google Play Store as well and for a lot more apps.

The feature is currently available for Android 6.0+ devices only. However, Google claims that it will add support for Android 5.1 devices shortly.

Along with the Instant Apps, Play Store also introduced a new Editors’ Choice tab & improved home section for games.

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