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Google is launching a short video TikTok alike app as an experiment

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

YouTube is considered the go-to platform when it comes to watching a video tutorial. As popular alternatives have risen like TikTok and Instagram the trend of the short-clips video is increasing. Google had recently launched its very own short-video app as an experiment. The app is designated as Tangi and would let users access how-to videos of cooking, painting, fashion, and crafting.

Other short video apps are used mainly for entertainment purpose but Tangi is focusing on helping the users to learn via DIY projects.

Coco Mao, the co-founder of Tangi stated that the platform’s main focus is on providing with DIY and creative content. The development of such app aims to teach people about craft, cooking, and fashion, etc. As per Mao, people will be able to find mini clips regarding what they want to learn.

The Co-founder also said that she got the inspiration for creating the app after seeing her parent’s sheer interest in how-to-videos. Her parents were not much comfortable with smartphones yet still, her mother learned the art of painting just by watching DIY videos. She further said: “It’s still easier to learn with video rather than from texts and images only.”

Users are allowed to upload a video up to a 1-minute duration but the average duration of the video clips is 45 seconds. The time duration of the video is going to be a fruitful step for those who want to learn new things without watching a lengthy step by step tutorials.

The app comes with a “try it” feature that allows the viewers to upload images of their recreations and interact with fellow community members.

Content creators have the option to elaborate the video in the form of text via using the comment section so that people can follow the exact procedure without the interruption of an ad.

Unfortunately, not everyone can upload the video on Tangi rather users are required to apply for it. Initially, the app is launched on the web and iOS app store and is available globally except for the EU. The app is not on the mark of monetization and is freely available for download.