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Google Maps now show directions for bike riders in Pakistan

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan ·  46 sec read >

Google has added functionality in Maps that shows directions for bike riders in Pakistan. The feature was available across the globe but it has recently rolled out here in our country. The biggest advantage of the two-wheeler mode is that it allows drivers to navigate to their destination using paths where your car or any other 4-wheel vehicle may not be able to go.

In Pakistan, there are particularly congested areas where taking your car is not really feasible. Furthermore, those traveling using Careem or Uber motorcycle hailing service would benefit from this feature to a great extent. Take a look at the screenshot below which shows the bike navigation on Google Maps:

Routes taken to your destination are generally faster if not shorter if you take into account the traffic maneuverability of a bike. If you are going on a trip of more than 200km distance then if you go on a bike, you will usually reach your destination 30 minutes earlier than a car according to Maps.

This feature was first announced in India over a year ago but it has slowly and steadily made its way to other countries. Have you used the bike navigation feature yet? Remember to wear a helmet next time you go out and then use this feature if required!

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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