Google Maps now stores your parking location

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We all forget where we parked our cars especially when it comes large parking locations. Before you go spending hours finding your lost car, simply update your Google Maps app to the latest version and the app will help you find it. The update has been pushed on both iOS and Android versions of the app so everyone can find their cars with ease.

After being flaunted last month by Google, the feature is now officially available on both platforms. It is a feature all users will find quite useful with their daily work. Initially, people thought Google would play a game of favors and avail it on Android only. But, always playing the nice guy, both platforms now have the feature which was released on the same day. Interested in how it works? Here is how.

On Android, it is a quite simple and direct one. Once you reach your destination, take out your phone and launch the maps app. Making sure that the location services are turned on, tap on the blue dot then select the Save your parking option. The app will drop a pin on the map to indicate You parked here for ease of remembrance. For most users, that will be enough. If you want to go a step further, tap on the pin you just dropped for more options. The options added to that would be setting a reminder for paying the parking meter, taking a picture of your parking space, sharing the location of your car with a contact or noting down anything you think will help remind you of here you parked your car. Very handy.

For those on iOS, you get all these features and some more. Besides having to drop a pin manually, you can harness a feature initially built for the Apple Maps. If you had connected your car to your phone via a USB cable or Bluetooth, the Google Maps app will tag the location of your car the moment it is disconnected from the car. Although Google had employed the same features in its previous versions of the Google Now app, this new approach is far more accurate and handy.

Also on iOS is the option to bring up the card with the various options such as sharing the location of your parking with a contact of your choosing. There is little difference between this app and that one on the Android app with the most notable one being the need to manually set parking ticket reminders on your own.

As the times go by, it will get better with even more features. Great job Google!

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