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Mercedes Benz Partners up With Google: Adding Maps and YouTube in its Vehicles

Mercedes deal with Google comes off as an attempt of the German car manufacturer’s to compete with Tesla German...

Feb 23 · >

Google Maps is about to get over 100 updates, some powered by AI and machine learning

Google Maps is getting another huge update, bringing with it lots of fancy features to help users find their...

Apr 1 · >

Google Maps to start directing drivers along eco-friendly routes

Google’s Maps app will start directing drivers along routes estimated to generate the lowest carbon emissions based on traffic,...

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Mar 30 · >

Sindh government developed Google Maps & handed it to Google, claims Sindh’s IT Minister

Apparently, the Sindh government was behind the development of Google Maps and its traffic display system, rather than the...

Mar 27 · >

Secure your passwords, schedule text messages and more with these new Android updates

In a recent update by Google, the company announced that new features will soon come to the latest Android...

Feb 24 · >

Google starts rolling out Dark Mode for Maps

A very welcome dark theme is making its way to Google Maps, as reported by some users who have...

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Sep 30 · >

Man uses 99 smartphones to create a ‘fake traffic jam’ and fool Google Maps

What would you do if you had 99 smartphones at your disposal? For German artist Simon Weckert, the answer...

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Feb 3 · >

Google Maps has around 11 million fake business listings, report

A malicious practice is becoming a headache for the search giant Google as millions of hijackers are taking over...

Jun 24 · >

Google Maps may soon get a feature that can save you money or even your life

In its efforts to keep users safe while they are riding in a taxi or availing any ride-hailing company’s...

Jun 11 · >

Google announces Incognito mode for Maps

Google has announced the Incognito mode for Maps, the feature which was first launched in the Google Chrome will...

May 10 · >

Google Maps will soon allow users to create public events

Google Maps is working on a new update which will allow users to create public events name, location, date...

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Mar 29 · >

Google Maps to get a 3D car icon by replacing that boring arrow sign

This feature is available for users having iOS-designed devices. With this feature, users can choose a 3D vehicle on...

May 22 · >