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Google Pixel 2 will reportedly pack the gorgeous looking S8-like curved display

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Recent reports had it that Google is planning to pack curved screens to its forthcoming smartphones in the Pixel series, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

A report from South Korean News outlet has said that Google is asking the LG’s screen manufacturing division, LG Display Company, to assist it in making flexible OLED panels that it can put on the Pixel 2 smartphones. The report further said that Google has offered to invest a sum of $880 million for manufacturing these displays.

LG is pondering over this deal, so there is still no guarantee if Google will still be able to do that. Apart from this, if Google decides to go ahead with this offer, the Google Pixel 2 launch may slid past its expected release dates. The first models of Google Pixel smartphones were released in October 2016 and the second models are expected to release in October 2017.

Until last year, the Samsung was the only big manufacturer which boasted curved displays on its Edge smartphones. This year a major curved display trend is expected to hit the global smartphone market after Google has also geared to put these screens on its upcoming smartphones.

Earlier, Apple also reportedly signed up Samsung for making a wholesome of curved displays for its 10th anniversary special iPhone set to release later this year. According to reports, Apple ordered as much as 160 million curved screens from Samsung for a deal that worths as much as $4.3 billion.

Source — ET News Via Reuters, Image — RayArena

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