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Google Pixel Phone Could Possibly Be Used as Dashcams Soon

Planned to be placed under the ‘Personal Safety’ app, the dashcam feature is offered by other Android competitors such...

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May 19 · >

Google Announces Pixel Fold: But Its Price Will Make Your Heart Skip a Beat

Apart from the Google Pixel Fold, Google also unveiled a budget friendly Pixel 7a and new Pixel Tablet at...

May 11 · >

Increasing Pixel Phone Sales Helped Google Make More Money this Quarter

In its quarterly report for 2023, Google mentioned that the sales for its ‘Google Other’ division recorded a 8.8%...

Apr 27 · >

7 Smartphones That You Can Buy Under 150k in Pakistan 2022

When not limited to a small budget, you can get a lot of variety in the phones you buy....

Sep 8 · >

Best Camera Phones 2022 for every Budget

When choosing that perfect phone with an impeccable camera, selecting the best affordable phone from the wide range of...

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Aug 10 · >

New Google Pixel updates lets you take photos underwater and more

Recently Google announced new updates for its flagship smartphone, Google Pixel. These updates will be rolling out soon which...

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Mar 8 · >

Pixel phone users can now take underwater photos with new Google update

A new pixel update is all set to take the pixel phone users by storm, introducing new features such...

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Mar 2 · >

Here’s what the leaks didn’t reveal about the Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 has gained a notorious reputation for being the most leaked smartphone ever. Despite this, Google has...

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Oct 20 · >

Google officially releases Android 10 for Pixel phones

The curiosity of Android users is finally over as the Android 10 is out in the market but for...

Sep 5 · >

Google Pixels camera to get much better with Night Sight feature

With the release of Android Q beta build, Google also introduced a new feature of Google Camera that moves...

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Jul 24 · >

Everything Google announced at the Pixel 3 Event today

Google Pixel 3 smartphone hasn’t been any secret. Even before Google could launch the smartphone, the leaks surrounding Pixel...

Oct 10 · >

Google fails to keep Pixel 3 XL a secret as it is being sold before its official launch

Google is set to unveil the next generation of pixel devices on today i-e October 9, where it’s expected...

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Oct 9 · >