Google serves employees a real Android burger with cheese below the patty

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Last week, a debate started on the internet about how the Google’s burger emoji looks different than ht burger emoji from everyone else. The difference between the Google’s emoji and everyone else’s emoji is that other companies, including Apple, Samsung, LG, and Microsoft, have placed the cheese above the parry while in Google’s emoji, the cheese is placed below the patty and most of the people on the internet think that it is not cool.

The issue began when people started to notice the problem with the cheese placement and started a debate over it on Twitter.

The issue drew so much attention that Google’s CEO himself had to step in and announce that the emoji will be fixed on first priority.

Today, Google made an interesting move. The cafeterias at Google’s offices included an “Android Burger” on their menu today. Interestingly, the burger looks just like the emoji in discussion with cheese below the patty.

Here’s how the burger looks like:

There are no reports of how the burger tastes like. I wish I could taste it too.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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