157 new standard emojis arriving on your smartphones tomorrow

These days, emojis are one of the essential parts of a digital conversation. For that, social media services like...

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This is how you can use the new Emoji Slider in Instagram

This new Instagram feature going to be epic since you can now ask your friends on the app to...

May 11 · >

What’s all the fuss about Google’s new game: Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Google has a new game to play with you! Hell yeah! I mean it. After bringing Where’s Waldo to...

May 7 · >

‘The update that was promised’: Google finally corrects its burger emoji

Living up to its promise to “drop everything” and making sure that the cheese in its burger emoji was...

Nov 30 · >

Animoji Karaoke takes over the social media after iPhone X launch

iPhone X was launched a few days ago and thousands of people literally waited in long queues to get...

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Nov 6 · >

Google serves employees a real Android burger with cheese below the patty

Last week, a debate started on the internet about how the Google’s burger emoji looks different than ht burger...

Nov 4 · >

Twitter launches emoji for Pakistan’s Independence Day!

Twitter has just launched a new emoji for Pakistan, just two days prior to our 69th Independence Day! The...

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Aug 12 · >

The fastest man on earth now has his own emoji keyboard, called “Boltmoji”

The fastest man ever to be timed, Usain Bolt, has now unveiled his very own emoji-keyboard. You may not...

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Jul 24 · >