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Google to bring more work tools for G Suite

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

On Wednesday Google said that the users of corporate Gmail would be able to edit the files and other documents without exiting the service of email. The motive behind the addition is to lure the clients of the competitors making it tool more integrated.

The tool addition was announced in Google’s cloud unit annual partners and customer conference. The conference turned into a gathering arranged virtually due to the COVID-19 crisis. For over a decade, Google is trying to come up with batter tools than Microsoft’s Office, which dominates the market worldwide regarding corporate email and document editing tools.

Both the companies have added the feature of video calling and other tools of collaboration for attracting new businesses from companies who are working remotely from their houses during the Pandemic.

A vice president of Google Javier Soltero said: “Microsoft is still telling you there are two separate places to check, two different habits, and two inboxes to look at. They are not incentivized to do a deep integration between Teams and Outlook.”

Soltero also said that the free users will get their hands on the newly added tool very soon. On the other hand, Microsoft has denied the comment and is continually sharing fast office revenue growth.

Google had introduced some options already on the Microsoft Team, the likeability of chat and users to list an ‘out of office’ notice and ‘Pin’ the conversation for accessing them later.

Earlier this year, Google has been rolling out similar updates like bringing Meet directly to the Gmail and then creating video conferencing free for everyone. The updates were a response to increased demand for collaboration tools due to COVID-19 Pandemic.