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Google Will Soon Blur Explicit Images in Search Results

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  52 sec read >
Google explicit image blur
Named as the ‘safe mode filter’, this feature will blue explicit images in search results by default

Google in its recent announcement said that it will soon release a new SafeSearch filter, which will blur out any explicit imagery in search results thus keeping users protected from encountering explicit images while surfing the internet.

The feature is announced to make the internet a safer and secure place by blurring out content that can be sexually explicit and harmful for regular users surfing through the internet.

While this feature will come in as default for all Google users, they can also turn off this safe search filter in their browser settings. However, Google requires users to be over the age of 18 before they can turn off this filter.

Though explicit images in search results will be blurred, users will still be able to look at them by clicking on a ‘view image’ button that comes alongside the explicit content warning.

This safe search filter is a great step towards making search engines a much safer place for all users, however the feature is still being worked upon and Google warns that it might not be 100% accurate when it comes out.

Just last year, Google made a comment about blurring out explicit content and said that it will do so by using artificial intelligence to form better results and removing unwanted explicit content.


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