Google’s new AI lets you create videos from webpages automatically

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 58 sec read>

Google’s researchers have published a paper that details how their newest AI can create a video using any given webpage automatically. Imagine you have a demo website that you want to pitch to your investors to get your startup up and running. Now you don’t even have to do laborious tasks like creating a video presentation at all, Google will do it for you!

All you have to do is to give it an input webpage and it will automatically go over the webpage, select the important content and media, and output a nice video explaining the webpage.


Dubbed the “URL2Video”, the AI works by first extracting the Document Object Model (DOM) information and the respective media present on the webpage. It then uses the hierarchical structure of the website to identify key components that should be included in the video. The limitation is that the webpage must have a proper hierarchical structure otherwise the AI won’t be able to identify the headings from the content and so forth.

Once it has gotten the page information, the AI prioritizes the media and content that is extracted. Elements like headings and media get a higher priority score as the overall goal is to make the video as concise as possible. After that, the AI just does its magic of arranging everything beautifully in a video and exports it in a MPEG-4 container format.

The tool even has a review interface so the user can change the design, reorder the materials, and adjust the constraints to generate their version of the video.

Image Source: GoogleAI