Government extends mobile phone registration deadline to February 15th

Avatar Written by Rohaan Manzoor ·  58 sec read >

The government has once again extended the deadline for registering the mobile phone with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) Device Identification Registration Blocking System (DIRBS). The new deadline of February 15th gives around 1 month of extension on top of all the previous extensions.

All mobile phones will remain operational till the deadline after which PTA will start blocking all unregistered mobile phones.

Addressing a World’s Customs Day ceremony, the state minister, Hammad Azhar, said that the government was making all efforts to curtail smuggling in Pakistan. He also said that all unregistered phones will be blocked after February 15th.

He also talked about the new mini-budget and said that the new mini-budget would result in more jobs as it creates a more business-friendly environment. The minister also pointed out that the government was not imposing new taxes but rather reducing the existing ones.

This isn’t the first time the deadline was extended. The first deadline was set as December 1st, it was later revised to December 31st. Soon after, the government extended it to January 15th and now it’s February 15th.

How to check if your phone is registered with PTA or not?

To register your mobile phone all you have to do is insert your sim and do at least one revenue-generating activity. This can be sending SMS or making a phone call.

To check if you are registered with PTA, you can do either of the following:

    • Send your IMEI number as SMS to 8484
    • Login to PTA’s website
    • Download DIRBS app for mobile phones from Google Play Store

For more details please visit PTA’s website.