Government of Sindh all set to provide free COVID-19 Home Test service

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Earlier this week the government of Sindh has taken an initiative to begin home testing for suspecting the COVID-19 in the patients. The service is free of cost for the local citizens of Sindh. The main reason behind the initiative was to offer convenience to the patients.

If a person is suffering from high fever, sore throat, body pains, and dry cough call a toll free number that is 021-111-119-123 or 9123 from mobile or landline can be dialed and the testing staff will appear on your doorstep.

The team who will conduct the test will arrive at the patient within 24 hours’ time period. However, the test results would be received by the patients within 24 to 48 hours after the test has been conducted. The cases of people who had affected by novel coronavirus have reached 85,3264 in which 32950 patients belong to Sindh and 31,104 patients belong to Punjab.

As the government of Pakistan has lifted lockdown partially in the country, the rate of coronavirus cases is increasing on a whopping rate. In 24 hours over 4600 people were reported to get infected by the COVID 19. It is believed that once the lockdown is lifted out fully the cases will increase on the rate of two folds countrywide.

This rapid increase in corona cases led the government of Sindh to take such measures as it would take off some stress from the health care department of the province. In other words, doctors were against the partial relief of lockdown as they could see it coming. Most business owners are not paying any consideration on the SOPs that the government had published in April. Besides increment in the number of cases, the death rate is also heaping the country. In the last 24 hours over 80 people have died due to the COVID 19 totaling the death cases to 1770. On the brighter side, over 30,000 people have completely recovered from the ailment and have been discharged by the hospital administration.

Although Pakistan was pretty much in control of its corona situation as the lockdown has lifted partly the situation of coronavirus has gone up to an all-new level.