Govt to implement cyber security policy soon: Minister ICT

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >
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The government has formulated a comprehensive cyber-security policy using a multi-stakeholder approach and is soon going to launch it in the country, said Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui while talking during a press conference. He was briefing the media after having a meeting with a high-level delegation of Allied ICT Finland (AIF). The meeting was held to discuss the matters regarding Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digitalization.

He remarked that cyber-security is a global issue and all the countries around the world are adopting new cyber governance frameworks to help tackle the cybercrime problem. He said that people are using cyberspace as a means of committing crimes and social ills, due to which it is necessary to ensure its security and safety for the users. Increasing cybersecurity will help to take the cyberspace in a positive side by influencing every aspect of the economic and social activities.

The minister said that the adoption of new technologies is essential to give the next generations a better and innovative future. he said, “My heart goes with the young generation and his ministry has been working to spur academic and entrepreneurial growth”.

He stated, “We need to keep our pace with the world to generate more employment opportunities and end unemployment. It is the technology and quality of education which have helped in minimizing poverty”.

Dr. Khalid that every year Pakistan produces 25,000 IT graduate and only a few thousands are able to get a job in the market. Several countries have gone far beyond in the area of IT education and it is very important for us to determine the correct direction.

AIF is a government based organization, which is a collaborative network as well. The organization provides an ecosystem for applying ICT’s globally. The forum comprises of 19 Finnish Universities and ICT research institutes and centers. It also includes 3000+ researchers and 1200 companies in under their organization.

The minister discussed matters like national research, standardization body for improving the quality of education and research according to international standards. They also talked about the development of programmes for entrepreneurs and start-ups by developing a National Network of Research, Innovation and Commercialization centers.