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Hackers compromise Google G Suite Twitter account to promote Bitcoin scam

Shaheryar Ehsan Written by Shaheryar Ehsan · 45 sec read>

Just yesterday we were exploring 3 courses on cybersecurity and how you can keep yourself safe online. It seems like the folks at Google need a learn a thing or two from those courses because G Suite Twitter account was compromised earlier today and a Bitcoin scam tweet was sent out to more than 800,000 followers.

The tweet was regarding the biggest Bitcoin giveaway from Google which you can see below:

The tweet was live for about 10 minutes before it was taken off and Google issued a statement: “This morning an unauthorized promoted tweet was shared from the G Suite account. We removed the tweet and are investigating with Twitter now.”

This is not the first time cryptocurrency scams have emerged on Twitter. Several bots impersonating Elon Musk, who is fairly active on Twitter, have managed to fool people and use their devices for mining cryptocurrencies and managed to make more than $37,000+ in revenue. Aside from cryptocurrency scams, there have been hacks on Google CEO Sundar Pichai social accounts as well as Real Madrid’s FB profile and others too, all in the name of security and exposing flaws in existing platforms.

What are your thoughts on this latest scam? How can users keep their accounts secure? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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