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Hometown Rebrands to Markhor

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Hometown Shoes has rebranded to Markhor. The new website can be accessed here. Hometown Shoes is a startup that is well known in the technology sectors. Incubated at Plan9, this startup has seen massive success. Hometown Shoes sells premium, traditional Pakistani shoes online providing a way for local artisans to earn money while spreading a positive image of Pakistan. The idea is helping hundreds find jobs and supplement their income.

Hometown is changing the way we exhibit and sell the local crafts. Pakistan has a strong and diverse cottage industry and over the years attempts have been made to encourage these industries as well as SMEs. After a year of bringing revenue for the skilled laborers, Hometown shoes is now on its way to change itself. The company has rebranded to Markhor. The observant few might have noticed that the association with Markhor is not something new for Hometown Shoes. Indeed the logo for the company is a leaping Markhor, the national animal of Pakistan. Markhor is a new name of Hometown Shoes and while the company will continue as Hometown Shoes, the end customers would be interacting with Markhor, the brand. The new site is now up and running!


Expanding into New Territories

Up till now, Hometown Shoes has been selling a small selection of hand crafted, high quality leather shoes. Markhor aims to be a more mature version of the brand.

“Our new and upcoming product line is aimed at international consumers who demand a very high quality of product and we wanted a name and brand that was coherent with this quality. Our products continue to be handmade, from premium leather by our artisan craftsmen, in Pakistan. Our new accessories include, cardholders and technology cases, all of which match our footwear to provide a suite of lifestyle products for the modern gentleman.” – Asim, Markhor Team Member

The new brand, Markhor can be expected to include more hand crafted goods and develop its image as an ethical fashion brand. The new products will also be made from high quality leather and will include leather wallets or stylized cases, all products of hours of skill and devotion. The new name Markhor also represents the spirit of craftsmanship in Pakistan.

This is a big step for the company, one that we hope will set it on a path of success. More details regarding the story will be coming soon.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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