How to block your lost or stolen phone in Pakistan

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There are many ways to track your lost/stolen phone. But if you think these are not helping, you may follow these guidelines to secure your personal information stored on your stolen or lost phone by completely blocking it.

The Pakistani government had launched a website under Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) to verify, retrieve or block snatched or stolen smartphones across the country. The site keeps track of over one million International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)s of cellular phones either snatched or stolen during the last decade. As per the website, there are four ways to track/block your cell phone.

First of all, you need to register your phone on the website and then follow the instructions mentioned at CPLC’s website to lock your phone. Here’s how the procedure follows:

  • Provide IMEI no. of snatched/ stolen/ lost cell phone along with other relevant information.
  • Information of snatched/ stolen/ lost mobile phone is then sent to PTA for issuing blocking instructions to all mobile network operators.
  • Mobile network operators block snatched/ stolen/ lost mobile phone within 24 hours.

In case the online procedure is too complicated for you just simply call on CPLC’s 24/7 helplines at 1102 021-35662222 & 021-35682222 for lodging complaint of lost phone.

Here are the alternatives if CPLC’s response is slow:
Police (Rescue 15) : 15
PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority): 0800-25625

These authorities will require some basic information from you along with the IMEI number of your lost mobile. Then they have the jurisdiction to ask all the mobile operators to block this IMEI on their networks to save your personal information. (*Doing so, will immediately disable all functions of your phone)

You can even lodge your complaint by a simple email at or fax at 021-35683336. The IMEI number can be seen underneath the mobile’s battery, warranty card and from the phone’s box. You can also take your IMEI by simply dialing the sequence *#06# your phone and save it somewhere for an emergency.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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