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Want to recover your hacked Instagram account, here’s an easy way do it

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed · 1 min read>

The photo and video-sharing social networking website Instagram, is testing a new method to help users recover their accounts in case they get locked out or their accounts get hacked.

Currently, if you get locked out of your Instagram account or someone hacks it, you have to email special verification to Instagram’s security team or you have to fill out a support form which takes a lot of time and is a hectic process. But now to make it easy for its users Instagram is testing out a new feature which is in trial stage at the moment, through which the app will ask users to provide certain information, such as email or a phone number that is linked with their Instagram account. After providing that information Instagram will send a six-digit code to that number or email id.

This way hackers will find it difficult to log into your account from other devices. This feature will also help you to recover your account in case any intruder changes your username or contact info. Moreover, the social networking website is also ensuring that the username assigned to a person cannot be claimed for a certain period of time after account changes. This will further help you to get your old username back after you recover it.

It is not certain when the verification safety option will be rolled out for users, although the safety feature regarding the username is available to all Android users now and the company is deploying it to iOS users as well.

The addition of this new security feature describes the clear goal of Instagram, which is to provide users the ability to recover their accounts themselves rather than relying on the website’s security team.