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How To Start A Spotify Podcast

Written by Usman Aslam ·  2 min read >

Podcasts are today’s modern way of getting to know what’s happening in the world or a way to get further invested in a particular topic. With Spotify being accessible throughout the globe it’s no surprise that content creators want to switch to the best platforms for more outreach and visibility.

You might say that creating a podcast on Spotify is like uploading a track on some website or platform like SoundCloud. However, Spotify has a different approach when it comes to creating a podcast as not only does Spotify support what you create but also ensures proper security and making sure there is no immoral content on the platform. This article is focused on how you as a creator can get started with building your official podcast on the Spotify platform because the thought of having an official channel on Spotify is pretty sweet.

Few things you need to know

Before you even get all excited and head over the application and start your podcast you’ll need to ensure the following things before you can even sign up for a podcast:

  • You must have at least one podcast published before signing up.
  • You need to have an RSS link ready for publishing.
  • Ensuring your first podcast does not violate Spotify’s regulations and by no means consist of any immoral content.
  • You must have a Spotify account.

You might think “wait I have to make a podcast before I sign up to make a podcast channel on Spotify!?” but actually what it means is that you have to have one valid episode on any external website and share it with Spotify so you can be verified on their platform. It’s Spotify’s way of ensuring proper security and seeing that random people don’t muck everything up with baseless audio.

In order to have your first podcast ready and uploaded you can try free podcast hosting websites such as which allow you to host all kinds of content and once everything is set up you can simply copy-paste the RSS link from platforms like buzzsprout and place them over to Spotify.

For those tech-savvy people, RSS or Really Simple Syndication feed is an online file that contains details about every piece of content a site has published. In a nutshell, all of your content that was published on the external website will simply move over to Spotify when you copy-paste the RSS link. However, be aware that you can not simply share your RSS link with every other person in case of intellectual theft.

Getting started

Now that we know what to do beforehand the rest is quite simple. Simply head over to and you’ll land on a home page similar to this:
Once you login into your Spotify account you’ll land over to a page with the following details:
image.png You’ll later on then be prompted to place in a valid RSS link which you can get once you have done all the necessary prerequisites. Once the requirements are done, you can simply head over to the platform where you had placed your first podcast. For example, in buzzsprout you can simply head over to directories and you’ll see the link waiting for you as shown below:
image.png Once you place the link, Spotify will identify the link and collect all the data and automatically place a category regarding what kind of podcast this is or what genre does the podcast follows.