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Huawei Reveals Plans For 6G Technology

Written by Usman Aslam ·  41 sec read >

In recent news, Huawei’s Chairman, Xu Zhijun, revealed that the company is aiming to deploy the next-gen 6G technology by 2030. According to the Chairman, this technology will be 50 times faster in comparison to the current-gen 5G technology which is also in the testing phase.

Moreover, he stated that the 6G white paper will provide the necessary details on the technology for industry regulators which will be unveiled soon. This next-gen technology will provide high-end performance and will have better metrics such as connectivity, peak rate, spectrum efficiency, and more. It is said that this technology will revolutionize the way users will interact with technology as it will bring about a positive impact in the healthcare, education, automobile, etc. sector of the industry.

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It just goes to show that despite facing issues with the U.S government the company will go by any means to be the leading brand in terms of technology and innovation. The question here is that how will other countries respond to this bold step by Huawei?

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Written by Usman Aslam
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