Huawei to introduce Honor smart TV in the future

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July 16, 2019
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At a very recent Honor meeting, the president of the Huawei’s sub-brand Honor, George Zhao made an official statement that soon Honor will be introducing a brand new smart TV in the future. There were reports in the past that the company was working on something big and they finally lifted the veil off in the official meeting. It’s pretty amazing to see that the company is finally entering a completely new market and they are fully prepared for it.

The vision of the company is not just to release any smart TV and participate in price wars. According to George Zhao they want to revolutionize the industry of smart TV with the innovation they will be introducing in the future, it will surely place a new set of standards for the competitors. And for that, they have partnered up with China’s JingDong to lead a new evolution of the product. Honor is calling their smart TV: “Smart Screen TVs” as a combination of internet TV and smart TVs.

Honor is really optimistic about this new journey as a company in a new market space. They are even hyping it as the future of the TV. What we understand from the statement of George Zahao, is that it looks like this New smart TV by Honor will be less of a media center and will be more of a complete information center. Their smart TV will be integrated with different smart devices. So this means that this smart TV will serve as a smart center for services, sharing from mobile phones and household items.

If we consider the recent posters by Honor then it clearly means that this futuristic smart TV will hit the market pretty soon. And there are chances that we will see it next to the other new devices by honor i.e. Honor 9x and the new Magicbook.

Honor is very much ambitious with their course of action of launching a smart TV but we still have concerns that will this be the wise move by Honor or not, well time will tell.

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