In 2018 Apple replaced 10 times more iPhone batteries than the average

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According to a new report, Apple might have replaced 10 times more batteries than what it had originally expected.

The Cupertino-based tech giant could be having a hard time with its iPhone battery replacement program. Apple replaced as much as 11 million of iPhone batteries in the last year, as compared to 1-2 million of batteries which it usually had been replacing during a year. Tim Cook mentioned these facts at an all-hands meeting with the company employees. John Gruber who is a notable blogger made the report through a post on Daring Fireball.

Apple had offered the cheap battery replacement program after there were reports that Apple had been degrading the performance on its older smartphones as their battery life aged to make sure they didn’t have operational issues.

Apple had been running a battery replacement program for its users which enabled users to get the batteries of their out-of-warranty iPhones for as low as USD 29. It would be worth mentioning here that Tim Cook earlier mentioned that this battery replacement program had been costing a lot of money to the tech company.

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