In a shocking revelation, Samsung S21 beats the S21 ultra at slow-mo video capturing

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 54 sec read>

How slow can you go? Apparently not slow enough for the S21 Ultra that is beaten by the smaller S21 when it comes to slow-mo video. Both the phones are almost identical when it comes to hardware i.e. both the phones have the same chipset and the S21 ultra only has greater hardware than the S21 so how does the S21 beat the S21 Ultra in slow-mo videos?

Written in a small footnote in the video recording part of the spec sheet, Samsung reveals, “On Galaxy S21 5G and S21+ 5G, users can record approximately 0.5 seconds of video captured at 960 fps with approximately 16 seconds of playback. On Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, users can record approximately 1 second of video captured at 480 fps and digitally enhance the video to 960 fps with approximately 32 seconds of playback.”


This means that the S21 Ultra is simply not able to capture 960fps natively and has to digitally produce half of the frames using AI to achieve the 960fps slow-mo. On the other hand, the S21 and S21+ can easily record a 960fps slow-mo video natively. Android Police notes that the lack of cache tied to the camera in the S21 Ultra’s camera or a difference in the sensor used to record video.

If you are a slow-mo enthusiast and you need a 100% accurate slow-mo video, then you might want to consider buying the S21 or the S21+ instead of the S21 Ultra but that does mean giving up on a bigger screen and a beefier camera.

Image Source: AndroidPolice, Guardian