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India’s Tata Group to Take Over Apple Plant for iPhone 15 Production

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  57 sec read >
Tata Group Wistron iPhone Factory deal
Tata Group will likely begin the production of iPhone 15 after it completes takeover of Wistron’s iPhone plant in Bengaluru

Indian business conglomerate Tata is about to complete its takeover of Wistron’s iPhone plant in Bengaluru. Once completed, this takeover will give India its first homegrown production line of Apple products.

As news about Tata’s takeover of the Wistron iPhone plant continues to circulate, reports and experts predict that Apple will now choose to manufacture its new iPhone in India. For the last two iPhones, the iPhone production rate in India remained to be less than 2%, however the increasing tensions between US and China might help India to completely overtake the iPhone manufacturing business.

Tata Group who took over the factory in an INR 5000 crores deal will kick off their operations in April. It’s being reported that Tata has already started to design some organisational changes and plans for the Apple manufacturing plant.

This Wistro iPhone plant is located in Bengaluru, which is considered to be India’s IT capital, making it a prime location for Apple. Previously, this plant has also produced the iPhone 12 and iPhone 14, thus increasing the possibility of the iPhone 15 being produced at this plant.

Apple manufactures including Wistron, Pegatron, and Foxconn are all operating in India as of now, however as Tata takes over Wistron plans to leave the country.

It’s reported that Tata is currently hiring staff for the iPhone plant and will also fire a bunch of previous staff once it completes the takeover process.


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