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Instagram officially rolled out its new TikTok rival feature ‘Reels’

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

Recently Instagram had rolled out a new platform for creating and sharing short video clips. Instagram is making efforts to challenge TikTok.The app has launched globally on Wednesday.

The platform is easily accessible in key international markets like France, Brazil, India UK, and Pakistan, along with several others. It is going to act as the best opportunity for Instagram do bring the users, increase the number of period people spend on the app every day, and eventually establish itself as a video entertainment platform.

The rolling out of the app occurred when TikTok is facing a lot of heed in the US market. The short video app is on the edge of getting banned by the US president over the cybersecurity concerns. In a rennet blog post by the parent company of TikTok, Facebook has been hurdling the path of TikTok and claimed that it is plagiarizing their app with Instagram Reels.

On the other hand, the product manager of Instagram Robby Stein said that even though TikTok is massively popular, Reels is way different than it when it comes to functionality.

“I think TikTok deserves a ton of credit for popularizing formats in the space, and it’s just great to work. But at the end of the day, no two products are exactly alike, and ours are not either.”

Reels enable people to record 15 seconds long videos and add music to it. There are filters and effects available for the users to select. This new feature allows creators to build an active following on their account. Instagram has revamped the explore page. It created a specific landing point for Reels at the top of the screen that people can vertically scroll through-similar to TikTok ‘For You Page.’