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Internet is trolling Zartaj Gul for making a new definition of COVID-19

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 48 sec read>

Minister of Climate Change Zartaj Gul gave an all-new direction to the COVID 19 definition by stating that the number 19 is the points that can be applied to any country based on the respective immunity levels. Last week the climate minister attended a current affairs show on a local TV channel where she stated her definition of COVID-19. According to WHO COVID 19 is also known as ‘Coronavirus disease 2019’ or nCoV-2019.” Actually  the ‘CO’ stands for corona “VI” for Virus and ‘D’ stands for Disease. This is how COVID-19 got its name


Her definition has caused social media in stitches as Twitter users have been posting the clip of the definition non-stop. Right after her definition video clip got viral, Zartaj personally addressed the issue narrating:

“Every day I appear on national TV and Speak without a piece of paper. I just wanted to say that infections’ effects and intensity vary across different countries. Instead of crying on the situation over a minor mistake, concentrate on your shortcomings. I am not afraid of criticism as it strengthens me.”

The Coronavirus was given its name by the Director-General of WHO Tedros Adhanom stating that the name was decided in a way that it shouldn’t define any single animaI, geographical location, or any group of people. On the other hand, the disease name should also be pronounceable.