Invest in a Sturdy Mid-Range Tablet! [Video]

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Mid-Range Device with Good Specs

There are many mid-range devices in the market that will fit your need. From devices running various versions of Android to those running Windows 8, there are tablets a plenty. iPads are a name in themselves but the prices are a little steep, a reason which prevents many from going for the gadgets. However, there are many gadgets which fit the needs and we are examining one such gadget today, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

A Family Gadget

2014 is here and even our grandparents know the word ‘Facebook’. Social media is no longer limited to youngsters. It has in fact extended its ever helpful arms to the generation of our parents as well as the kids. Sure it is awkward to have your whole family on Facebook, but on the brighter side, people can benefit from technology. Whether it is stalking their favorite TV actor on Facebook or Twitter or getting great recipes from the internet (some end in a big disaster though), there is no reason why social media can’t fit to the needs of everyone.

With more and more people using social media and internet services in Pakistan, especially to Google pictures of Fawad Khan and Turkish heroes, tablets can fill the gadget void generally prevalent. Smartphones have found a great market with the youth of Pakistan and the ever growing popularity of Asian brands like QMobile shows that there are more people looking to buy smartphones than ever. However, Tablets can be a better idea. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, for example can easily fit your need. Someone is calling for mum on Skype, all you have to do is pass over the tablet and you can use your laptop/phone meanwhile. A family member wants to read newspaper online or a kid wants to play game (don’t they always), the tablet comes in handy.

Portable, Easy to Use and Easy to Teach

The best part about a tablet is the fact that it is portable. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is light weight and in comparison with an average laptop, it weighs almost nothing. Owning a tablet therefore saves you a lot of hassle as you don’t have to lug around that huge laptop bag unnecessarily. It gives you more features than a phone so you can take your work with you in most cases. Unless your job involves working with a powerful machine, coding for instance, there is a chance that you can manage with your tablet most of the time.

The touch screen is easier to use than the laptop when you are teaching it to a person who has little experience with technology. They don’t have to bother getting accustomed to the mouse movement or the keyboard: they can touch and navigate easily. With less intricacies involved than a laptop or PC, the tablet provides an intuitive approach that makes learning how to use Tablets easy.

The AppJuice Recommends Samsung Galaxy Tab 2


When it comes to Android device manufacturers, Samsung is a giant. Everyone knows and recognizes the name and that is why the Galaxy Tab 2 makes it to the top of our list in mid-range tablets. Google’s Nexus7 is a close competition but the Galaxy Tab has expandable memory and a SIM slot that gives it a slight advantage.

Over the years, Samsung hasn’t done as well with its tablet like the others. There isn’t enough innovation to satisfy the existing tablet market but if you look at it from the perspective of an average user, Samsung still gives the users plenty. Sure the devices aren’t as thin or sleek as iPad Air and the Galaxy Tab 2 doesn’t come with the latest version of Android, but at the end of the day that makes little difference to the average end user who buys a tablet for the reasons discussed above. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a good device to own.

The tablet runs Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and comes with a 1 GHz Dual Core Processor. It boasts of 1GB RAM comes in 8, 16 and 32 GB memory choices. The memory is expandable. It has a front and a rear camera, 3Mp for the rear camera, has a good 4,000 mAh Li ion battery. We believe it adequately takes care of the needs of an average user. The best part is the price of course: it comes for a humble 28k and will be delivered right to your doorstep if you shop with

A Tablet can be a great way to get started with a more technology compatible outlook towards life or if you are already adept at navigating your way through the internet, it can be an easier way to access your favorite applications and watch your favorite shows. You can even completely skip on a smartphone with a tablet like Samsung galaxy Tab 2 provided you don’t call very often. Holding the giant tab to your ear would look rather awkward but apart from that, once you switch to a tablet, there is little chance you will appreciate a heavy laptop or the small smartphone screen.

Written by Qurat Zafar
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