iPhone 7 lost in sea gets discovered by a random diver after a text message

By Shehryar Ahmed on
July 13, 2018
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An iPhone 7 has been found in the sea by a diver after the phone’s screen turned on after receiving a text. Cerys Hearsey, a scuba diver noticed the phone lying on the seabed, 30 meters below the surface after the phone’s display lit up because of a text notification. Hearsey was diving near the coast in Dorset, England when he made the discovery.

The iPhone was placed in a waterproof case when it was discovered by the diver. After picking up the phone and bringing it to dry land, Hearsey went through the contacts to find out about the owner of the phone. Upon investigating, she discovered that the owner lives in Canada and lost the phone during a kayaking session. A cousin of the owner, Rob Smith lives in the United Kingdom. Hearsey gave the phone to Rob, who will subsequently deliver the phone back to the owner. The incident was first reported by The Sun.

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The phone was in a waterproof case when it fell down and was in the same case when it was found by Hearsey. Media outlets have been unable to identify the make of the case but honestly, wow. I can’t find my phone 10 minutes after keeping it somewhere and this guy got his iPhone 7 after two days of it being submerged in the sea. Yes, that’s right. The phone was in the sea for two days, where it miraculously stayed on and even managed to retain a battery percentage of 84%.

This entire scenario proves the quality control and standards of the Cupertino giant as well as the quality of the manufacturer of the waterproof case. Like it or not, the poor lad might have suffered a loss of more than Rs.70000 if the phone was not found, so cheers Cerys. Congratulations on getting the phone back, dear owner, please don’t do experiments like these on a $700 phone from now on.

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