YouTuber finds a lost iPhone X in a river, returns it to owner

Written by Shehryar Ahmed ·  1 min read >

A YouTuber, Dallas, who runs a channel by the name of Man + River has recently come across an iPhone X in a river. Dallas undergoes “river treasure dives”, wherein he returns lost/misplaced items to their rightful owners. While most of his discoveries consist of wearables like silver rings, expensive sunglasses etc., this time he hit the jackpot – an iPhone X.

During one of his normal “expeditions”, he found a silver iPhone X lying on the riverbed. Miraculously, he managed to turn the iPhone on AND get it back in working condition. He also managed to track down the owner of the phone, Alyssa. She shared details of how she had lost her phone in the river two weeks back.

She expressed gratefulness to Dallas for finding her phone, which apparently had photos of her newborn baby. Dallas offered to ship the phone back to her free of cost, which put Alyssa in a state of dismissal and shock. Oh well, in this world full of deceits, there are still a few good shots left?

Apple started rolling out the waterproof feature as a standard from the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and the iPhone X is no different. The X carries an IP67 rating, meaning it can stay submerged in water depths of up to 1 meter for roughly 30 minutes. This clearly shows how the X’s waterproof capability is more than its rating, which is a great thing. However, the fact that Apple’s Warranty doesn’t provide water damage coverage kind of offsets its unrealistically amazing on-ground performance.

This entire event goes on to show the extent to which the iPhone X is capable of keeping its stand against extreme conditions. Anyhow, good going, Dallas!

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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