IVY league universities are now offering free online courses

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February 17, 2018
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IVY league schools are now offering free online courses from various fields and subjects and all accessible to students from the comfort of their own home.

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Brown, PennState, Dartmouth, Cornell. These are the top 8 universities in American that currently hold the top ranking not only in the country but in the world as well. Together they form the IVY league schools.

At one point most of us have dreamed of studying at such prestigious universities. However, they are not only extremely selective and but also very expensive, unless you can score a nearly impossible to get the scholarship and maintain it throughout your college life.

In order to provide an equal chance of getting an education, these universities are now offering online courses held by their outstanding and brilliant faculty.

The courses range from Computer Sciences, Arts to Engineering. These courses are constantly updated every other month and are easily accessible through Coursera. A website which connects you with all the courses on all IVY school’s websites and is also your next classroom. Sign into Coursera and pick your university and course you are interested and get a chance to study in these institutes.

Currently, Princeton’s online course about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency technology is a huge hit due to the excessive need for people to learn more about the next big money making an investment. The course aims to help people understand and differentiate the facts and fiction about Bitcoin and other such cryptocurrencies. From the history of Bitcoin to how you can mine it yourself, everything is covered in this free course taught by an IVY league faculty staff.
To register follow this link and sign up with Coursera:

During this current age of sustainable development, everyone is looking for one sustainable solution that could help not just them but a whole community or in some cases the world. For those who have a desire to infuse technology with sustainability than the course on Sustainable development by Columbia University is the one you would need to get a head start.
To register follow the link and sign up with Coursera:

For those of you whose favourite accessory is their cellphone then sign up for Cornell University’s course on computing technology for smartphones. From shopping to banking everything is available on your smartphone but is it safe enough from hackers? Learn everything you need to know through this course.
Follow the link to Coursera.

A chance to study with the IVY league is an opportunity nobody should miss out. Sign up for classes from the comfort of your own home and have a chance to brag about it on your resume.

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