Jeff Bezos’ net worth crosses 100 billion dollars mark

By TechJuice on
November 25, 2017
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Jeff Bezos’ net worth has crossed 100 billion dollars mark today. All thanks to the Black Friday Sales.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, might be having the best Friday of his life as his net worth has surpassed 100 billion dollars owing to tremendous Black Friday Sales on Amazon. Jeff Bezos is the richest person on earth, after losing the position several times to Bill Gates. But owing to Bill Gates recent philanthropic donations, Jeff Bezos is already the richest person on the planet. Bill Gates was the last person to achieve the 100B dollar mark back in 1999.

Amazon’s stock have been performing very well this year. The recent surge in pricing happened right around the Black Friday Sales which made him achieve the milestone of 100 Billion Dollars. It is estimated that Amazon accounted for half of all the online sales that happened this Black Friday.

Now you must be wondering, what he will do with this enormous money. Well, seems like Jeff Bezos is himself confused so recently he took to Twitter to ask his followers that how he can become a better philanthropist.

If you are sitting in awe of this great businessman, I will recommend you to read these 10 facts about Amazon’s CEO.

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