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JS Bank launches self-service banking on WhatsApp

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JS Bank has partnered with WhatsApp Business and Infobip to launch this new way of banking. This is the first time in Pakistan that such a service has been launched. JS Bank customers will now be able to locate JS Bank Branches, JCash Agents, ATMs as well as lodge complaints and explore products and services all on their WhatsApp accounts. The service will be “completely free to use with no registration process,” according to a press release by the bank itself.

JS Bank refers to itself as a trendsetter in the finance business, and is one of the fastest-growing banks in Pakistan. While talking to the press, bank President and CEO said, “As a customer-focused bank, it’s our duty to ensure that our customers are provided with the means to carry out banking services through any channel they desire.” He added, “We are constantly seeking new ways and opportunities to meet customers at their preferred touchpoints and will ensure our customers are actively engaged on WhatsApp.”

In order to start the process, and ‘initiate a conversation’ as the bank puts it, users have to add JS Bank’s WhatsApp number to their contacts and they can start asking away. The service requires no registration, and the green badge next to the JS Bank name will ensure users that their messages are completely safe and that they are chatting with JS Bank’s verified account. The keywords included in the press release are very simple to understand, and the app looks like a promising way to facilitate customer needs and requirements.

Source: JS Bank

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