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Government of Pakistan launches Telehealth portal for access to free doctors

Written by Naima Rabbie ·  1 min read >

Prime minister Imran Khan recently launched the TeleHealth portal in the country. The reason for launching this new project was to reduce the burden of health providers. Via this platform patients will be able to get free medical consultation without going for physical examination.

Launching the TeleHealth initiative prime minister showed his utmost concern regarding the rapid spread of COVID19 stating that if the virus continues to spread on this rate, Pakistan would soon run short on the health care workers for treating up the patients.

Praising the digital measures taken in the country Prime Minister quoted the challenges the health care department is going through. “Until a vaccine is available we will have to put up with the virus.” The PM recapitulates while seemingly validating that the nation is approaching with herd immunity as the lockdown restrictions are continually uplifted.

While addressing the event, the Prime minister quoted over a million citizens had registered for the Corona relief tiger force that included some health care works as well. He further added: “even after the Corona pandemic is over, we will need this force to go to far-flung areas of Pakistan.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan also stated that the governmental bodies can utilize technological solutions like the TeleHealth portal to spread information to the far-end areas and resolve their medical-related queries.

Tania Aidrus, the special assistant to the Prime Minister informed that TeleHealth portal will be available to citizens all across the country. She urged the doctors to volunteer for the health services by saying: “I am proud to announce that Pakistan is the first nation that is providing such a service for free.”

“There are less than 150,000 doctors available for our 200 million populations.” Tania Aidrus said while showing here concern that it would be difficult for doctors to cater to such a large number of populations personally.

To avail of the health service, the users are requested to message a chatbot at +92 300 1111166. The service is available in seven native languages. Once the user answers the standard question, they will be able to speak to the doctor.

For the doctors who wish to volunteer on this portal, they can sign themselves up on the official portal. Doctors who are working overseas can also volunteer for the initiative. All they have to do is to sign up on the special generated portal.

The special assistant to PM on health Dr. Zafar Mirza said: “ The use of this service during the pandemic has increased. Pakistani who think they have symptoms of coronavirus can now pick up their phone and connect with the doctor.”