Lahore High Court orders Govt to find new Chairman PTA in 30 days

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As the tenure of Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authorities (PTA) had completed on November 13, 2017, so Pakistan’s federal government has initiated the process of appointing a new chairman for PTA. Although, the outgoing chairman Ismail Shah had himself given up the position weeks ago, yet the Lahore High Court has ordered to remove him from the chairmanship and appoint new chairman PTA in 30 days.

LHC has taken a decision just recently, and directed federal government to find the new chairman with a deadline of 30 days. The High Court heard a petition filed by Shiraz Zaka who argued upon the regulations about the tenure of PTA chairmanship. Zaka urged to the court that chairman PTA can hold the office for only four years. High Court’s Justice Shaihd Kareem directed the federal government to advertise about the vacant position of new chairman PTA immediately and appoint the suitable candidate for chairmanship within 30 days.

Dr. Ismael Shah has been the chairman PTA since 2013 and under his guidance, PTA has achieved several milestones, which led Pakistan with a flourishing IT and Telecom industry. Most recent amongst them is the development of DRBIS system which will block snatched and smuggled mobile phones. Mr. Shah also played a leading role in the process, when Pakistan was about to install 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE network infrastructure in Pakistan.

Dr. Ismail Shah has done engineering from Pakistan and has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He has enough experience of working with both public and private sector organizations.

Furthermore, as the order for the appointment of new PTA chairman has been signed by the LHC, so the federal government is bound to announce new Chairman PTA within the given deadline.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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