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Linux is undoubtedly the most prominent open-source operating system. Running on devices ranging from embedded systems to super-computers, Linux’s variants have found a significant place in today’s corporate software-dominated world.

While switching from a more common operating system like Windows to Linux might seem daunting, thankfully there is a lot of helpful resources available on the internet to make the newly-acquainted feel at home. One of these resources is Linux Foundation’s own ‘Introduction to Linux’ courseware which normally costs $2,400, but not anymore—thanks to a collaboration between edX and Linux Foundation.

edX, like Coursera and Udacity, is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) academy which will be hosting the ‘Intro to Linux’ course, starting August 1st, and it is free for anyone to enter. The course will be taught by Dr. Jerry Cooperstein, who is the director of training programs offered by Linux Foundation. Complete with relevant slides, notes, videos, demonstrations, and the Final Exam, the course aims to arm the participants with enough knowledge so that they can use the operating system as a daily-driver for accomplishing productive tasks.

Participants can also opt-in for a certificate for a standard $250 fee (minimum $25) which will be presented once they successfully complete the Final Exam (passing criteria is 70%).

This free edX course is a golden opportunity not only for Linux enthusiasts but pretty much every tech-related person who will, at one point or another, will encounter it in their professional lives. Needless to say, if learning Linux has ever been on your to-do list, this is the perfect time to start.

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