LG G8 would use its entire OLED screen as a speaker

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LG plans to equip its upcoming flagship device with all the quality sound tech that it can get its hands on.

Previously, there have been rumors that LG might have the display on its upcoming flagship smartphone work as a speaker as well. Now, according to a pre-launch announcement from LG itself, the company has confirmed that the OLED display on its upcoming G8 device would vibrate to produce sounds. The announcement also confirms that the upcoming LG G8 device would be moving the G series to an OLED display rather than an LCD.

Branded as “Crystal Sound OLED”, the new technology has already made its debut in the TV ranges developed by the company. This new technology when used on the smartphone could eliminate the need of having an actual speaker grill on the front side of the smartphone increasing the display area and probably is the motivation of the company behind the move.

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The smartphone would still have a rear-body speaker for ringing and speakerphone purposes. The rear-body speaker could also be linked to the display speaker of the smartphone to function as a stereo output. This feature could come handy for playing quality music. In another news, LG would be adding a Hi-Fi Quad DAC along with DTS:X 3D surround sound to produce superior quality audio. The smartphone is also being designed to have a Boombox Speaker. This quality would enable the smartphone to produce a bass output when placed against a table.

It must be noted here that these are actual pre-announcements from the company and not the rumors. The smartphone is set to be unveiled at the global MWC event later in this month.

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