Love Organic Pakistan: how years of efforts resulted in a great startup [Giveaway]

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When we look at international health trends, it is fairly obvious that people moved to organic products a while back. In Pakistan, people are only now beginning to grow aware about the benefits of using natural, organic products. This trend is especially suited to cosmetics and beauty products which can harm the skin and body with their chemical content. Saira Khan Is putting in all efforts to ensure Pakistani women get the best of the beauty products available in market.


Saira Khan completed her MBA from the University of Peshawar and decided to put it to good use instead of letting her degree rot away in a far corner. Saira has been keeping an eye in the growing market for better, healthier skin care products. An entrepreneur to the core, she decided to try the opportunity. She took up research work trying to understand organic products, find out good manufacturers and formally study the market. After two years of hard work, Saira finally got the entry she had been looking for: an organic skin care product manufacturing company wanted to work with her. Now, she is the sole distributor for Irish Rain and sells a variety of skin related products to her customers ensuring that she has a thriving business as well as clients who are happy and satisfied with good quality, natural products.


The journey, however, has just begun for Saira. She aims to grow bigger with her business idea. She is in talks with several companies from UK that deal in organic skincare. In the future, she wants to expand her product base, giving her beauty conscious client a range of great products to choose from. She also wants to work on a greener Pakistan and raise awareness about the importance of using cosmetics and skin care lotions that are free from chemicals.


As Saira moves towards success, she is also striving to make it easier for her clients. Apart from selling products, her business, Love Organic Pakistan also provided the potential and existing clients valuable advice related to skin on health on the Facebook page. She has enlisted the help of Dr Zarmina Khan, a qualified GP from UK.

Saira has a good chance because her products have a growing, even if currently small market and she is the only one selling them. Companies are beginning to get interested and her business featured in She Magazine, a magazine widely read by the women in Pakistan.

Saira is yet another example of women who are growing stronger in the generally male dominated society. Previously, we gave the readers a look at The 12 Exceptional Pakistani Women who are making a name for themselves through their efforts and hard work. Saira has a plan, a business and an expansion model. She is working day and night to make it work. This only goes on to show that nothing is impossible: if you want to do something, don’t hesitate before pursuing your dreams. The brave are not those who don’t feel fear: they are in fact those who conquer their fears in the pursuit of their dreams!

Love Organic Pakistan’s Team was kind enough to do a giveaway for our readers. Just head to this link to enter the giveaway!

The AppJuice wishes Saira a very best of luck!

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