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Markhor Has Launched its Kickstarter Campaign!

Written by Qurat Zafar ·  1 min read >

Markhor, a well known Pakistani Startup has launched its Kickstarter Campaign today. The startup has been achieving its milestones one after the other and is doing quite well. From the initial success to the rebranding, Markhor has evolved at each step. Prior to Markhor, XGear, another Pakistani Startup has also tried its luck on Indiegogo.

The brains behind the startup are Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim. Waqas, a college dropout, has an acumen for business. He manages the marketing and fundraising operations. Waqas was also an Acumen Fellow and graduated in 2013.

“I dropped out of college somewhere in 2009, and started learning about how humans interact using web and mobile. I am fortunate to have learned that leading the change is worth the risk.”Waqas Ali, co-founder Markhor

The second founder, Sidra is a small town girl who is a role model for many. In a society heavily dominated by the males, Sidra is working hard to become a successful entrepreneur. She leads the startups and manages the manufacturing of the products as well as its merchandising and customer relations. In a TechJuice Exclusive, Why It Is Awesome And Why It Sucks To Be A Female CEO, Sidra shared her views about being one of the few women entrepreneurs in the Pakistani tech society.

“It sucks to be woman entrepreneur mainly because of lack of social acceptance in society. Moreover, you have to put considerable amount of energy to get your family understand your passion and importance of starting your own business. It gets worse when you’ve to work with potential business partners who prefer to speak to your male co-founder and hesitate to communicate clearly with you.”Sidra Qasim, co-founder Markhor

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However, despite the problems faced, the founders have fought hard to overcome adversities and together they have developed Markhor, a startup that is based on social entrepreneurship. The Kickstarter campaign can open many doors for the startup like it has for hundreds of other startups worldwide. Markhor has been working on its most recent shoe collection since March and in order to see it through, it needs more support and funding. By reaching out to the right audience, they can secure the necessary funding and rally international support for their cause.

In order to bring our latest shoe collection to the market, we need more capital and support of founding customers” – Markhor

Kickstarter can prove to be an ideal platform for raising money as Markhor is not only selling premium quality products but their crafts are also backed by cultural values and a social cause: to save the jobs and provide a means of earning to the tens of people who are affiliated with the businesses. The Kickstarter campaign has officially launched today on 22 September, 2014 and Markhor is offering its early supporters some great rewards.

Support Markhor

Rewards for Kickstarter Campaign are listed below.

1. Shoes price for early backers: $169

2. Shoes price for regular backers: $199

3. Chappal price for early backers: $99

4. Chappal price for regular backers: $130

Early backers will also get their initials engraved on the shoe sole and will be first to received their shoes by March.


Markhor is looking for a Community Manager. Apply now!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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