Millennials are annoyed by YouTube and Facebook ads

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When it comes to social media and digital platforms, there are many opinions about which one is the best, the most popular. However, if we follow the ads, the highest concentration of them can be found on two of them – Facebook and YouTube. The statistic shows that Facebook alone generated almost $27 billion during 2016, while YouTube broke that record almost 3 times after it generated $79 billion during last year.

Their large audiences make advertisers do whatever it takes just to get their ads on there, and according to BI Intelligence’s 2017 Digital Trust survey, many have agreed that it’s these two that are serving some of the most annoying ads.

YouTube’s and Facebook’s ads were said to be the most annoying by 43% and 45% of the respondents, while Twitter only has 6%, Instagram and Snapchat are at 3%, while LinkedIn only has 1%.

These results aren’t that surprising, after all, these are the two most popular digital destinations in the US, and it’s believed that that’s the reason why the people are so annoyed by them. After all, they do spend the most time on Facebook and YouTube, which is why they get to see more ads than on other social platforms.

The decision on which platform has the most annoying ads mostly depends on the age of a respondent. The older ones said that YouTube has the least annoying ads, while Facebook was the first choice for the younger internet users. This may be explained by the fact that older users that were used to TV have a higher tolerance for YouTube ads, that occur on several points per video.

With these results, it’s obvious that both YouTube and Facebook need to work on improving their advertising. Both of the platforms have already taken steps towards improvement, but they still have a way to go, judging by the impression of their viewers. However, the ad creators also need to do their part, since they’re obviously not creating an enjoyable content. Viewers demand a pleasurable viewing experience, and their complaints show that they’re not getting it.

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