With 1,000 YouTube Subscribers, You Can Stream Content Live on Your Phone

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Google introduced the ability to stream content live to their channels back in February. However, one had to have at least 10,000 subscribers to be able to do that. That number locked out very many people since few can manage 10,000 subscriber bases.

Always thoughtful of its users, Google has dropped that number from 10,000 to just 1,000! That will be reached by a larger number of people from livestreaming purposes. It is a reasonable number although it still locks out a few people from the service.

Although the feature was availed at the beginning of the month of April, it did not make it to the public as it would have been easily taken for an April Fool’s joke. YouTube support has confirmed that the feature is indeed available for those with 1,000 subscribers and no less.

Why 1,000?

YouTube chose on 1,000 subscribers as the lower limit probably due to these reasons.

  • It could be a pilot program to test out the stress levels of the service without running into hitches witnessed by many of its users. If it works out well, it could be allowed to more users.
  • If they allow everyone to stream content and it becomes boring, it will likely kill it. Having selected people enjoy this service will ensure that they find good content to share to keep their channels going on.
  • It is also a good way of preventing the streaming of illegal content. While 1,000 subscribers seem like a small number, it requires work to get people to subscribe to your video channel. Those with these accounts will this fear streaming illegal content that could see to the banning of their accounts.

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