Ministry of IT & Telecom collaborates with Google to launch Pakistan’s first grass-root level Coding Skills Development Program

Written by Taha Abdullah ·  52 sec read >

The MOITT is working with Google to launch a grass roots program that will help develop applied coding skills in kids between 9 and 14 of age. The program is based on Google’s CS First Program and will rely on games and other fun activities to help kids learn basic computer science concepts and to help them develop a coding orientated mindset.

The program will use the Scratch, a block based visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab specifically to help children understand basic programming concepts. The easy to understand programming language is used around the world to impart primary computer science education to young children and get them excited about programming.

The ministry has chosen Tech Valley Pakistan, an official Google partner, to help introduce the program in schools around the country. Initially, the program will be rolled out in Telecom Foundation Schools, which include 13 schools nationwide. After this, the program will be expanded to cover bigger cohorts of schools all over Pakistan in the coming phases of its operation.

There will be two parts of the program. The first part, Train the Trainer, will be targeted towards teachers and will help them get up to speed about how the program works while giving them the training they need. The next part will be an orientation for the students on the Scratch platform.

The program will help schools develop an integrated curriculum, making it easier to adopt CS courses like this one on a continuous basis.