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Mobile phone imports jump by more than 40pc in Jan: report

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Pakistan’s exports totaled over Rs343 billion during January 2021 as compared to the sum of Rs378 billion in December 2020, showing a decrease of 9.28 percent, according to provisional figures compiled by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

Notably, imports witnessed a boost of over 11 percent, with mobile phone imports going up by 41.13 percent in July-January 2021 as compared to the same period last year.

Exports showed an increase of 12.66pc when compared to Rs305 billion in January 2020.

During July–January, exports were recorded at Rs2,322 billion as compared to Rs2,108 billion during the corresponding period of last year showing an increase of 10.13pc.

During the month under review, knitwear raked in Rs52 billion (up 37.61pc), readymade garments Rs45 billion (up 8.99 pc), bed wear Rs35 billion (up 17.02), cotton clothes Rs24 billion (down 10.80 pc), rice others Rs18 billion (up 5.76), towels Rs14 billion (up 38.86), cotton tarn Rs13 billion (down 7.02), Basmati rice Rs12 billion (up 20.44), made-up articles excluding towels & bedwear Rs10 billion (up 25.56) and fruits Rs10 billion (up 5.79).

On the other hands, imports totaled Rs771 billion during January 2021 as compared to Rs798 billion in December 2020 and Rs637 billion during January 2020, showing a decrease of 3.29pc over December 2020, but an increase of 21.12pc over January 2020.

During July-January, imports were recorded at Rs4,768 billion as compared to Rs4,267 billion during the corresponding period of last year thereby showing an increase of 11.73pc.

Import of petroleum products saw a 6.08pc decrease, palm oil a 66.69pc increase, natural gas (liquefied) a 3.48pc increase, plastic materials a 31.42pc increase, mobile phone a 41.13pc increase, and power generating machinery a 177.55pc increase.

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