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Mobilink Outsources its Contact Centers to Ibex Global and Mindbridge

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  1 min read >
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UPDATE: An earlier version of this story mentioned that Mobilink was forcing 200 of their employees to resign. The story has been updated after receiving an official statement from Mobilink.

Mobilink, one of Pakistan’s biggest telecom operators, has chosen to outsource its call center to Ibex Global, a wholly owned subsidiary of ‘The Resource Group’ (TRG) International and Mindbridge.

Ibex is one of Pakistan’s largest exporter of IT-enabled services and also a leader in providing Business Process Outsourcing Solutions, according to Mobilink. Mobilink announced the move today in a press release along with promises that there would be no loss of job.

“We are confident that this strategic alliance with Ibex Global and TRG will enhance the customer experience and also accelerate the career progression for many of our current employees,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CCO at Mobilink.

This move puts the livelihood of their employees at stake. However, Mobilink has denied that there will be any ruthless layoffs. The employees who were previously working for Mobilink have been offered to work under Ibex Group. Essentially, Mobilink has also outsourced their employees to work with their outsource partner. The process is being regarded completely transparent by telco as all the concerned employees were informed beforehand about the transition.

Outsourcing is a common concept in today’s world one that is being widely adapted all over the world. The go-to advantage that firms look for in outsourcing is to reduce unnecessary overheads and to economize on their situation. Mobilink is one of the biggest and oldest telecom operators in Pakistan with an annual revenue stream of billions of dollars. In a similar move last year, Mobilink outsourced a small portion of its call center staff as a pilot. Now, the company have decided to fully outsource its Karachi and Islamabad based contact centers.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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