Narcotics police bust Hyderabad drug ring using Crypto Exchanges WazirX, Binance, Monero for free

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India Drug
The Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing has successfully dismantled a group of drug traffickers discovered to be operating through the dark web. The Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing has also been successful in arresting two “dark web kingpins,” in addition to six other alleged drug peddlers for illegal cryptocurrency transactions.

On Friday, the Hyderabad Narcotic Enforcement Wing dismantled a group of drug traffickers operating through the dark web. They also detained two “dark web kingpins” and six other individuals suspected of being drug peddlers for unlawful cryptocurrency transactions. Notably, the Indian police revealed in a statement that lakhs of transactions had been conducted using cryptocurrencies all around the country for drug trafficking. These transactions were carried out via several cryptocurrency exchanges, including WazirX, Binance, and the Monero crypto exchange, located locally.

“Yesterday, we took down a drug ring that was operating on the dark web; on the dark web, there was a forum where suppliers were advertising for the narcotics; they had offered WhatsApp IDs, Telegram IDs, and other means of communication IDs. All of these dealings were conducted using cryptocurrencies, and the individuals involved traded on many exchanges, including WazirX, Binance, and the Monero crypto market in their local area. In addition, they were sending the narcotics through a messenger service,” according to Rajesh, an inspector with the Narcotic Enforcement Wing in Hyderabad City, who spoke with India Today.

It has been determined that the two “kingpins” are Narendra Arya, also known as “Holy Shop,” and Farhan Mohammed Ansari, also known as “Treeminator.”

The other six individuals involved in the drug trade were identified as Utkarsh Umang alias Ashu, Sahil Sharma, Abdullah Khan, Indra Kumar, Charan Kumar, and P. Bushan Raj, all of whom were born and raised in Hyderabad. In addition to that, there were thirty drug users discovered.

Arya is suspected of being involved in the distribution of illegal substances through the use of the dark web, according to the police in Hyderabad. According to the investigation findings, Arya served 450 consumers throughout India and utilized cryptocurrency to complete transactions worth a combined Rs 30 lakh.

India Drug

“Farhan Mohd. Ansari @ TREEMINATOR is another major suspect and kingpin of the Dark Web (Drug Suppliers). He is 22 years old, originally from Madhya Pradesh but now resides in Rajasthan, and he is in the last year of his Bachelor of Technology degree. For the last half year, he has been engaging in online drug trafficking via the dark web with the assistance of social networks”, according to a press statement issued by the Hyderabad Police.

In addition, the police could confiscate seven mobile phones, Rs 2,000 in cash, 184 blots of LSD, 10 grams of MDMA, and 140 grams of hash or charas throughout the operation.

In addition, the police have stated that Utkarsh Umang, Sahil Sharma, Abdullah Ansar Ahmed Khan, Indra Kumar, Aviti Charan Kumar, and P. Bushan Raj are all residents of Hyderabad and work as peddlers.

India Drug

Regarding this, Sharat Chandra, Co-Founder of the India Blockchain Forum, has the following to say: “Regulators and law enforcement authorities now have access to a variety of crypto analysis tools, which makes it much simpler for them to monitor cryptocurrency activities. Illicit activity involving cryptocurrencies has decreased dramatically and will continue to decline until they are no longer important when compared to traditional currencies. A sizeable portion of narcotics trafficking still includes the use of fictitious currencies. It is more possible that criminals would move to the TradFi system in order to evade detection.”

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