NASA to make history by on-boarding the first ever black crew member to ISS

By Muneeb Ahmad on
January 10, 2017
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NASA would soon be sending its first ever black, an African-American astronaut, to its International Space Station.

Previously, there have been several incidents of African-American astronauts that were being sent for space shuttle missions. Never a case has arrived when an African-American crew member was being sent to any international space station for operational purposes.

Jeanette Epps who professionally is a Technical Intelligence Officer at CIA will be sent to the NASA’s international space station in May 2018.

Jeanette Epp, is resident of New York, and holds a doctoral degree in the aerospace engineering from the University of Maryland, USA. Before joining the CIA and then NASA, Epps had worked as a technical specialist at one of the Ford Motor’s scientific research lab. She holds research patents in various areas that include magnetostrictive actuators, automobile collision location detection and countermeasure systems.

Source — cnet

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